I.S.P. Uganda is a local Non Government Organization established for purposes of improving livelihoods of local communities through capacity building especially of local organizations. ISP Uganda partners with other local organisations in programs such as Educational support, Skills training and Capacity building, integrated sustainable agriculture projects, Health and Nutrition, Disability and Rehabilitation among others.

I.S.P. Uganda is the local arm on an international NGO – INSIEME SI PUO….. (ISP) registered in Italy, carrying out humanitarian activities in a number of countries including Uganda. It has its head office on Plot 45, Kisugu Road, Namuwongo – Kampala.

I.S.P. Uganda partners with other local organisations such as MCAFS in Kampala and COWADISA in Mubende, Meeting Point Kampala, and Meeting Point International etc. to implement projects at a grassroots level as a means of uplifting the standards of living of the needy people.

I.S.P. Uganda hopes to achieve this through interdependent objectives, namely:

  • Support to local community initiatives to improve the standards of living of the population
  • Cooperation with other local NGOs/CBOs to implement projects at grassroots level as a means of improving the welfare of the needy people.
  • To empower local communities to search for and identify ways of addressing their developmental needs.

I.S.P. Uganda is involved in a number of humanitarian activities in Uganda, the major ones being:

  • Education support for orphans and other vulnerable children through payment of their school fees and provision of scholastic materials.
  • Capacity building for local organizations through conducting training programs and funding of local development initiatives.
  • Promotion of humanitarian assistance to persons in emergency situations through provision of food and non food items.
  • Life improvement of needy persons through:

Provision of funds for vocational skills training for out of school youths.

Provision of funds for capital and inputs for family based income generation activities and community development at large.

Vocational skills Training and provision of assistive mobility devices to PWDs.


Cooperation & Partnership

I.S.P. Uganda works together with various diplomatic, international, local, and religious organizations.

International NGO:

Insieme Si Può (ISP), SVI, Foundation Assistance, Fondazione Aiutare i Bambini, Fondazione Umano Progresso, Street Spirits.

Local NGOs/Organizations:

Gulu Youth Development Association, Comboni Samaritans of Gulu, Kamwokya Christian Caring Community, Masanafu Child And Family Support, Meeting Point – Kyamusa Obwongo, Meeting Point International, Needy Children Organisation, Kampala Children Centre, Emmaus Foundation, Children and Wives of Disabled Soldiers (CAWODISA), and Mubende Rehabilitation Centre among others.

Hospitals and Schools:

Matany Hospital, Kanawat Health Center, St. Theresa Girls School – Kalongo