Project Management Training
and Resource Mobilisation:

Project failures are not only expensive but can have very negative consequences for the reputation of the implementing organization and the project team. Project failures have been attributed to poor requirements gathering, analysis and management. From our experience working with Local CBO/NGOs we have encountered many projects that have achieved their desired objectives, not so much because the project team is well versed in the dynamics of project management, but because they are genuine and have given their all to the success of the project. Their presentation on paper is far from good whereas the work done on the ground is undoubtedly excellent. So ISP undertook this training to build such project managers capacity by imparting project presentation skills and enable them to tap into resources that may be available for their projects but they cannot access because they lack the skills to present good write ups. The same training also addressed Resource mobilization issues both internal (within the organization) and external (outside it) avenues of funds.

Skills Training


The unemployment problem especially among the youths in Uganda is upsetting and this has a direct bearing on the income levels in their families. Our education system has also not helped much given that it produces graduates with theoretical skills rather than the practical skills that are relevant for them to enable them get employment. The workshop was aimed at creating and developing business minded persons who can operate and run business enterprises that will stand varied economic conditions through practices such as market research, creation of linkages with other sector players, supplier and debtor handling, producing in-house or outsource, family and business, Marketing, Business Planning, Record Keeping, Customer care and services, Saving culture, Sourcing more ideas alongside competition, Sustaining a business entity, Competition and Action Planning.

Salon and Hair
Dressing workshop

The refresher course was aimed at introducing hair dressing practitioners to modern trends in the market and new products to give them a competitive edge in the market. The participants were also given business and customer care tips. Apart from the hair dressing, they also tackled Facial care/ Make-up, Nail care.

Computer training:


This training targeted youths and some staff of local NGO/CBOs to equip them with information technology skills in Word Processing, Excel and Internet Usage Given the need for everyone the world over to be competitive and creative in their fields of operation, many Ugandan workers need to polish their skills in order to attain a competitive edge. In order to build the tailoring professionals capacity, ISP Uganda organised 2 tailoring workshops in 2011 to enhance the course instructors and qualified inexperienced youths’ capacity to improve quality of service delivery as well as keeping up to date with modern trends and fashions. With capacity building as one of the objectives, ISP Uganda continues to acquaint the local communities with professional vocational skills of improving their lives. The workshops reached out to graduates and instructors from Vocational skills training.