The common way of cooking in the Karamoja region, and indeed, in most of rural Uganda, is by use of firewood. This method is harmful to the environment because it is the major cause of deforestation and is also harmful to the health system due to air pollution which causes health risks leading to deaths. In a bid to curb this practice, ISP is providing Schools, Institutions and other individual beneficiaries with ESS that save up to 50% in consumption of firewood, provide for a smokeless kitchen and thus a healthier environment, reduce expenses of Institution in buying firewood, and enables beneficiaries to divert the financial resources saved to cover other basic needs like food, scholastic materials etc.. To further meet the need of communities to be able to individually address their needs, we provide them with training in the making of Lorena Stoves (mud stoves) which not only saves in consumption of firewood, but is a very affordable and practical method of adopting a more environmental friendly method of cooking.