Kireka Home – as it is commonly referred to – is a home for mentally disabled children. It is a government institution that was founded in 1984, and it takes care of children with special needs, most especially intellectual and multiple physical disabilities. The school addresses the divergent needs of 6 to 20 year old children with learning difficulties and disabilities ranging from mild to profound. It is the only school of its kind in Wakiso District that caters for these very severe disabilities in children.

The home has a staff of 12 teachers and 15 support staff (care givers, nurses, etc), and currently hosts 72 children (38 boys and 34 girls). Basing on the above categories of learners in the school, the school faces a number of challenges in sustaining, ensuring provision of basic needs and promotion of the children’s human rights.

Our aim is to enhance the quality of life for these children with disabilities, by reducing infections and diseases through meeting their basic hygiene needs and through supporting them with proper drug treatment, and providing them with walking aids to help their mobility.


Renovation of toilets and bathroom: the intervention will rehabilitate the existing 13 toilets and bathrooms, 6 for boys and 7 for girls. The rehabilitation will make the toilets suitable and accessible for children with disabilities and also designate 2 specific rooms – one for boys and one for girls who have spinal injuries and have to lie down as they get their bath.

Procurement of essential drugs: This action will provide Kireka Home with the necessary drugs for the treatment of the children for one year. Owing to the number of children with ailments that need continuous medication, coupled with the health risks associated to incomplete or breaks in the medication schedules, it is important to ensure that routine medication is made available to the children at all times. Currently, Kireka Home gets their routine drugs for the epileptic cases from Butabika National Referral Mental Hospital, but sometimes the hospital is short of supply for these drugs in which case they have to be purchased through official market channels.